Your Health, Our Priority

At Smith Brothers Medical Clinic, we offer extensive services to address women’s life and health concerns, including:

– Family Planning Advice

Family planning isn’t a walk in the park. While some people perceive family planning as the process of deciding whether or not to bear children, it is more than just that. It must consider the woman’s health, especially before, during, or after they give birth.

With expert and medical-based family planning advice from our clinic, we can help you make sure that you will have the maximum level of protection from the risks of conception and birth.

Implanon Insertion and Removal

Implanon is another type of birth control implant. It is inserted under the skin of a woman’s inner portion of her upper arm. If you want this type of birth control, we can do sanitary and safe Implanon insertion for you, as well as Implanon removal.

Antenatal and Postnatal Care

Antenatal/prenatal and postnatal care is essential for both women and their offspring. It protects them from the risk of maternal and newborn deaths, which has become an alarming issue throughout the world. Smith Brothers Medical Clinic offers antenatal and postnatal care for women who want to observe the highest level of caution and care before, during, and after giving birth.

Infertility Management

While some people follow birth control methods to prevent unplanned pregnancy, others have to deal with infertility. Our clinic provides professional infertility management services to clients who want to bear a child but are having a hard time doing so.

Menstrual Problems

Got any menstrual problems, like dysmenorrhea, PMS, and irregular periods? You’re not alone. Although many women experience menstrual problems, it is something you should take seriously. Our women’s health clinic also offers services that address menstrual problems and reduce or completely eliminate them.

Menopause Management

After having menstruation, another challenge a woman has to deal with is menopause. It brings lots of changes to your body, and sometimes, barely bearable symptoms occur. To help you with that, we offer menopause management services that will lessen the menopausal symptoms you may experience.

Acne Treatment

No one wants to have acne on their faces. When you feel like there’s nothing you can do to bring back healthy and smooth skin, just go to our clinic and let’s work together to keep your acne at bay.

STI Treatments

STI or sexually transmitted infections can be treated with medications. However, you should not find treatment on your own. It is best to see a healthcare professional that will provide you with the right medications or cure. Don’t worry; we’re here for you!

Adolescent Health

Lastly, our general practitioners also provide services that enable adolescent women to live a healthy and pain-free lifestyle.

Why Choose Us?

Our women’s health clinic at Smith Brothers Medical Clinic provides safe, effective, and professional services to its patients. As the community continues to grow, we are also extending our services to meet everyone’s needs when it comes to healthcare—that means not just for women but for the whole family. Contact us now on (07) 3208 5490 to set an appointment.