Concession card holders, children under the age of 16 years, and D.VA Bulk Billed.

Appointment TypeNo MedicareMedicare
Care Card Holder
Current Concession Card HolderRebate from
Medicare if Medicare
Card Holder
Medicare – Children up to the age of 16 years.Out of Pocket Expense private fee
Short Consult – Level A $55.00$55.00Bulk Billed$18.95Bulk Billed$36.05
Standard Consult – Level B $85.00$85.00Bulk Billed$41.40Bulk Billed$43.60
Extended Consult – Level C $130.00$130.00Bulk Billed$80.10Bulk Billed$49.90
Longer Consult -Level D $175.00$175.00Bulk Billed$118.00Bulk Billed$57.00
Telehealth Consult$85.00$85.00Bulk Billed$41.40Bulk Billed$43.60
Medical Cannabis$200.00$200.00N/ASEE RECEPTIONN/ASEE RECEPTION
Aviation Medical Class 1&2$275.00$275.00N/ANO REBATEN/AN/A
Aviation Medical Class 1&2 Renewal$247.50$247.50N/ANO REBATEN/AN/A
Clinical Hypnosis$300.00$300.00N/ASEE RECEPTIONN/ASEE RECEPTION

Iron and Vitamin Fees please see reception.

Please note some consult/procedures may incur a fee, regardless of concession status.